4 Must-Have Accessories for Every Real Alpha Male

It is true that manners maketh a man and a true gentleman, however, there are some accessories that every man should possess in order to perfect his style. They should match your outfit, but also suit your personality. It isn’t just a fashion trend, but also the accessory that will reflect your taste and lifestyle. Don’t be like everyone else, make your business style unique.

1. One quality watch will perfect every look

Nowadays, not a lot of men are wearing quality watches, because they have smartphones, so they don’t need a watch to tell the time. However, having a watch is a sign of luxury, which will make you seem professional and successful. Men who are building their career usually buy a couple of watches to match some outfits, i.e. suits, however, these watches are usually of lower quality. Investing in one high-quality watch will ensure that you have a first class accessory that goes with any outfit for years to come.

Having an expensive and beautiful watch makes you look professional, successful, and like a true gentlemen. When buying a watch, make sure you choose one you really like, because it needs to show your personality.

2. Sunglasses don’t only protect you from the sun

Get rid of cheap plastic sunglasses, because they only ruin your look, and purchase a high quality pair. Just one pair of vintage Ray Bans will be enough. They will make you look youthful, fierce and sexy at the same time. Folding Ray Bans can fit in your pocket, so if you are always on the run, you need to have one of these.

When choosing sunglasses look for the shape that matches the shape of your face. If you don’t trust your taste, then bring a designated fashionista with you in order to find the right pair of sunglasses.

3. Throw away your old laptop bag – go with the latest trends

Messenger bags are the perfect match for every outfit. Whatever kind of suit you choose, a nice leather bag will only add to your style. You can store everything you need in them including wallet, laptop, IPad, and a smartphone. As they’re available in many sizes and colors, I am sure you’ll find the right one.
Shoulder straps should be avoided if you are wearing a suit, so look for leather briefcases with a handle, which will  give your style a bit of a vintage vibe.

4. Wallet – functional and presentable

Men neglect changing their old high-school wallet, and end up carrying the same 5$ synthetic wallet with Velcro for years. This kind of wallet is only good if you are camping or hiking, because they are usually waterproof. However, when going on a business lunch, a worn out and cheap wallet will only leave a bad impression. When buying a wallet you should pay attention to presentability and functionality. It needs be able to carry cash, credit cards, business cards and your ID, but at the same time look elegant and professional.

I am sure that at least a few young men who watched Kingsman learned that a true alpha male needs to have an elegant black umbrella with them. So add this to your list and don’t try to save some money on the items listed here, because they are worth every penny and will serve you for decades with proper care.

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