3 Tips to Bringing Sexy Self-Confidence Back

Self-confidence is sexy. And it’s also an integral part of men’s growth from an evolutionary point of view. Several factors reflect that you have self-confidence. And believe it or not; a sense of style is one of the biggest one of all. Don’t believe me? Ask Barney Stinson!

You might be wondering how something as simple as your sense of fashion could affect your attitude and self-confidence, right? Well, it all comes down to feeling good about yourself. People generally think that you must feel great first before dressing great. It’s actually the other way around if you ask me. I want you to close your eyes and think about a time when you didn’t feel great. Remember what you wore that day? I guarantee you it wasn’t a nice fitted Zara blazer!

The point I am trying to make is that if we put a little effort on the way we dress, the great feeling will kick in naturally. And along with that feeling, comes self-confidence. And once you feel good from inside, you tend to have more energy and treat others better.

There are a few tips that I want you to keep in mind, the next time you are about to put something on.

Know the Occasion

Don’t ever just wear the first thing that you see in the closet when going to an event. Take a step back and think about the place where you are headed to. Are you going to the mall to shop? Or are you going to church? Or possibly a gala event?

If it’s a business setting then you should go for something well structured and tailored. Go with something more colorful and relevant if it’s someone’s pool party. I want you to visualize what everyone else will be wearing to a particular event.

Know Your Audience

These are the people that you will be mingling with when you are at that event. They can be anyone from your clients, you colleagues, your college buddies, or even your girlfriend’s friends. The goal here is to dress yourself in order to portray your role. Do you want to portray someone who is dull and low energy or would you rather portray someone who is vibrant and confident?

Think about how you would feel dressed in jeans and a t-shirt to an event where everyone else is wearing tailored suits? If you are dressed out of your role, people will put a question mark on your level of competence. I guarantee you that.

People like to interact with people they feel comfortable with. Your goal is to wear something that will give them a positive vibe about you.

Know Your Style

Everything you do reflects your personal style. The same thing is true with what you choose to wear. When you are aware and comfortable with your personal style then you can express yourself with confidence.

For instance, I want you to think about which one of these three style preference (and there are many others) suits you the most:

  • Classic
  • Romantic
  • Rocker

If you have a classic style then you should go with an elegant traditional look and go with timeless garments. If you are more on the romantic side then you should try experimenting with colors. For all you rock stars out there, think about investing into accessories that would compliment your fitted attire.

Now you might ask, “What if my personal style is sporty and I am about to attend a gala event? How in the world can I feel comfortable and express my personal style at the same time?”

Well, all events might not fit your personal style but with minor tweaks, you will be able to accommodate yourself to any event without losing your sense of style. And that my friend will make you feel like a million bucks, I promise.


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