The Alpha Male Checklist

First impressions for entrepreneurs are the only impressions you’ll ever have to present. Male entrepreneurs must bring the Alpha thats rooted in them out, in the business world, Alphas make the shots. 

When you think of an Alpha male, what comes to mind? A leader?  A strong superman type who will one day carry you away into the night? Well, Maybe.

An Alpha Male is a man that knows how to carry himself in every situation and is always dressed to take on the day .Perfecting a polished classic men’s style, it’s not exactly second nature to men. What occasion do you wear a blazer? How do you select a suit? What about grooming? What about picking the right size for your body type? Before a woman notices your haircut, muscles (or lack thereof), she notices your outfit.  Your outfit is what will always speak for you even when you don’t have a chance to speak for yourself.  So gentleman I implore you: Make your clothes work for you.

Always remember: there are plenty of things in life that you can’t control- like your IQ—and there’s no point in dwelling on such things. If you want to be manly and interesting and feel attractive, focus on what you can control like your style.

Let’s take a look at what style options are out there to being your style journey:


When it comes to the suit jacket, make sure that it hugs your shoulders and that is fits a straight line on your back. No pulling and no creasing. If it’s too big on you gents it need to be tailored. Remember a good tailor should be your best friend, or at least on your Favourites list in your IPhone.

The trousers should be slim fit and have a break that suits your personal taste-I prefer a little break so that if you choose to wear a colourful sock, it shows and accentuates your style.

Blazers/Sport Coats

I love Blazers. You can dress them up or dress them down, but when shopping for one, always look for something that is a comfortable fit. Try pairing them with everything from a classic jeans and t-shirt combination to a pair of Chinos and cashmere sweater for those chilly nights. Try choosing different colours and patterns that complement the style you are going for and your skin tone. Try and stay away from colours that drain you out.

Tip: You can accessorize this look with a pocket square for a pop of color.


The first thing a woman notices before your sleek smile will always be your shoes. Sorry to break it to you gents but you have to have a versatile shoe closet. An Alpha Male should own: a black and brown pair of oxford dress shoes that are sleek enough for jeans or a suit. I personally like suede variations of loafers as well for the spring and summer styles.  Keep in mind to always take care of your shoes. You can get the soles patched for longer wear and also use a protector for all leathers. You would be surprised how far your shoes can take you with that in mind.


Accessories are the one thing that can play up on any outfit. Whether you are dressing up or down, if you own a few accessories that are accenting your signature style , it will always make it exciting to get dressed.  Some of my fashion go – to accessories for men are: scarves, ties, pocket squares, belt (one of my favs) and a nice timeless watch, all of which are great conversation starters. It’s the simple items that you chose to wear that will make a statement and will be unforgettable and more importantly your personal signature.

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