Wear a Suit Like a True Gentleman

You are probably familiar with the famous proverb “The suit doesn’t make the man”. However, a lot of tailors and true gentlemen will either disagree or slightly change it. Can you imagine Sean Connery as James Bond without the suit? Of course not. If you don’t like wearing a suit, and you don’t think that they are important, here is a question for you. There are two men standing in front of you trying to give you a piece of advice. The first man is wearing a suit and the second one is wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Whose advice you would consider? That’s what I thought.

Suits boost your confidence, and make you look wise and powerful, so people are more likely to take you seriously and show a certain amount of respect. You still think suits are boring? If the answer is not, let’s take a brief look at what you need to know before buying one. For those who are still not convinced, I suggest a quiet evening watching the old James Bond movies. Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, movies like Kingsman or anything from the James Bond franchise might change your mind about men’s fashion.

1. It must fit

You can spend a small fortune on a suit, but if it doesn’t suit you, the money is simply wasted. Don’t go in a shop and buy the first nice suit you see of the rack, because no matter how well it looks, it might not match your figure. A custom, well-tailored suit will fit your body contour perfectly, and it will definitely make you look like a true gentleman. Not every man has the same body figure, which is why bespoke suits are so important for the perfect alpha male look.

2. Know your suit

There are different types of suits, as well as different types of measurements. First of all, you need to choose the type, and then consult the tailor. For instance, if you are tall and slim, you should go with the center vent, whereas if you have a wider and shorter body, the double vent (also called side vent) is the perfect choice. Depending on the length of the lapel, you can choose between a two-button or three-button jacket. When it comes to trousers, there are three common types:

  1. tapered – also known as skinny (although currently popular, they are best suited for a slender figure);
  2. straight – the most common type of trousers;
  3. wide leg trousers – best suited for wider lower body of an average height.

Each of these have their pros and cons, and you will have to try different things on to find what suits you best, no pun intended.

3. Manners maketh a man

Wearing a suit doesn’t make you a gentleman, and you need to know how to wear one graciously. For example, never forget to unbutton your jacket when sitting. If you are wearing a double-breasted jacket, fastening the bottom button is another “you must never do it” rule. If you are considering a tie bar, bear in mind that it should never be wider than the tie itself. These are some of the rules you must always stick to in order to gain a smart look.

Suits are the symbol of gentlemen, prestige, masculinity, and very often a symbol of success. Although half of male population see them as boring business uniforms, the other half understands their importance. For some men, this is a way of life, and they can’t imagine a day in a different outfit. There is something enchanting and intriguing about a smartly dressed man in a suit.

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