Elastic Fantastic

Looser wool trousers with comfy waistbands are in. Take a deep breath, let loose and ditch the skinny pants. Sleek, slouchy trousers are back in a major way. From Hermès to Uniqlo, it seems every designer and fashion brand is in on the comfort factor. Want to join them? Stylist Anja Potkonjak from Alphamale Styling […]

The Red, White & Blues of London’s Men’s Fashion

This summer I had the opportunity to spend some time in London, England. I explored everything from the eccentrics at Piccadilly Circus, to the shoppes of Carnaby Street, to the multitude of free museums, to the downright clichéd monuments of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. And while I was traveling, I noticed two glaring things […]

5 Pieces of Advice from Alphamale Styling at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM)

Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM) took place August 17-25, 2015. The week long event featured great networking parties and of course impressive runway shows from local and international men’s fashion designers including Christopher Bates, Kenneth Barlis, Philippe Dubuc and many more. This year, CEO and founder of Alphamale Styling, Anja Potkonjak was honoured to be […]

6 Reasons For A Young Professional To Hire A Fashion Consultant

Let’s face it, it’s a dog eat dog world out there. Youth unemployment is at a 20-year high and job competition is fierce in an increasingly globalized world. It’s for these reasons that first impressions can make or break your next job opportunity, promotion, or, heck, even a first date. But in between finding that […]

Wear a Suit Like a True Gentleman

You are probably familiar with the famous proverb “The suit doesn’t make the man”. However, a lot of tailors and true gentlemen will either disagree or slightly change it. Can you imagine Sean Connery as James Bond without the suit? Of course not. If you don’t like wearing a suit, and you don’t think that […]

4 Must-Have Accessories for Every Real Alpha Male

It is true that manners maketh a man and a true gentleman, however, there are some accessories that every man should possess in order to perfect his style. They should match your outfit, but also suit your personality. It isn’t just a fashion trend, but also the accessory that will reflect your taste and lifestyle. […]

3 Tips to Bringing Sexy Self-Confidence Back

Self-confidence is sexy. And it’s also an integral part of men’s growth from an evolutionary point of view. Several factors reflect that you have self-confidence. And believe it or not; a sense of style is one of the biggest one of all. Don’t believe me? Ask Barney Stinson! You might be wondering how something as […]

The Alpha Male Checklist

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